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Gas Registered Engineers

Importance Of Gas Registered Engineers​

At EPC Specialist we strongly recommend before you have any gas work carried out, service or installation of a gas appliance, boiler or fire, that you use a professional gas engineer. Gas can be a volatile, harmful substance if installed incorrectly resulting in potentially fatal, dangerous home improvement work.

Dangerous home improvement work can include things such as building around or over a flue extraction for boiler or fire. This can result in a build-up of dangerous combustible gasses or potential carbon monoxide poisoning. In some cases, it is clear to see that a gas safe registered engineer is required. However, in other cases, the expertise of a gas engineer may be overlooked.

The Gas safe register advises that if you are unsure, suspect or just want to put your mind at rest, you should call a gas safe registered engineer and book a gas safety inspection. A gas safe engineer will be able to inspect your existing appliance to certify whether its function has been affected by new building work and certify whether it is safe to use.

Since 2008 In accordance with the law within the UK including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man all legitimate gas engineers must be Gas Safe registered and will carry a Gas Safe Registration Card. See an example of a genuine gas safe registration ID card in the picture below.

Make sure the engineer is the person on the card and represents the company you have employed to carry out the work. You will find on the back of the Gas Safe ID card a list of competencies that the gas engineer is qualified to work on and their expiry date. You can check the authenticity of the identification card by checking the hologram and the license number.